Meetup #8 - 5/28/2009

Guest speaker, Kevin Poniatowski, spoke about internet security and how it applies to job seekers.

Discussion summary: Browsing the internet is NOT as safe as all of the e-commerce websites would lead us to believe. Kevin is going to talk about the issues (like phishing and data breaches) that affect job searchers at sites such as, linkedin and other social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, etc. All of our information that we so dutifully type into those sites is NOT as safe as we think it is. Also, he will be discussing web surfing’s best practices and some other safety tips. The goal of the event is members will be able to go home and job hunt knowing that they are doing all they can to stay secure.

Many excellent things to remember, such as logging out of a site. Sometimes I would just close out instead of logging out. I used to think it was the same thing. I enjoyed the meeting so much I didn’t care about the ticket waiting for me on my windshield afterward. :) Lynne

Well organized, good speaker, good place to meet. I found out about some other good things here. Erik N.

My first meetup there. Educational, and above all it was good for me to see one is not alone in this game. That there are awful lots of good people that have lost their jobs. That we all come out it one way or another. To see people have not cease to be happy just because one phase of life ended. Knowing that another phase began that is calling us into different situations - that no reason to think would not be better. We will be just ok. Thank you - Stephanie. Hassan N.

Hello Stephanie: I attended your group’s meeting which, was my very first Meetup Group I’ve attended. I was very impressed and grateful to have participated in an interesting group meeting. Maria G.

An excellent meeting and a very timely topic. Jon A.

Excellent and helpful talk about computer security. Anne M.

It was a good meeting with some useful information. I would like to attend another. Paul G.

The speaker was very helpful & informative. A great opportunity to meet a wide variety of people & not feel so isolated in the job search process. Pat H.

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