Past Events

Meetup #8 - 5/28/2009

Guest speaker, Kevin Poniatowski, spoke about internet security and how it applies to job seekers.

Discussion summary: Browsing the internet is NOT as safe as all of the e-commerce websites would lead us to believe. Kevin is going to talk about the issues (like phishing and data breaches) that affect job searchers at sites such as, linkedin and other social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, etc. All of our information that we so dutifully type into those sites is NOT as safe as we think it is. Also, he will be discussing web surfing’s best practices and some other safety tips. The goal of the event is members will be able to go home and job hunt knowing that they are doing all they can to stay secure.

Many excellent things to remember, such as logging out of a site. Sometimes I would just close out instead of logging out. I used to think it was the same thing. I enjoyed the meeting so much I didn’t care about the ticket waiting for me on my windshield afterward. :) Lynne

Well organized, good speaker, good place to meet. I found out about some other good things here. Erik N.

My first meetup there. Educational, and above all it was good for me to see one is not alone in this game. That there are awful lots of good people that have lost their jobs. That we all come out it one way or another. To see people have not cease to be happy just because one phase of life ended. Knowing that another phase began that is calling us into different situations - that no reason to think would not be better. We will be just ok. Thank you - Stephanie. Hassan N.

Hello Stephanie: I attended your group’s meeting which, was my very first Meetup Group I’ve attended. I was very impressed and grateful to have participated in an interesting group meeting. Maria G.

An excellent meeting and a very timely topic. Jon A.

Excellent and helpful talk about computer security. Anne M.

It was a good meeting with some useful information. I would like to attend another. Paul G.

The speaker was very helpful & informative. A great opportunity to meet a wide variety of people & not feel so isolated in the job search process. Pat H.

Meetup #7 - 5/14/2009

Lau Lapides from The Speech Improvement Company was the main speaker at this 40 person event.  Her speech coaching education is augmented by her formal theatre-based training offering her clients a winning combination of an innovative, energetic and insightful coaching style. She is a trainer and coach for more than 20 years.

The topic of this meeting was the importance of the way you conduct yourself, especially during the interview process. The two hour speech was filled with active participation involving lots of hands-on group activities and Q&A’s.

Good speaker, group conducive to meeting people and being conversational, generally good. Erik N.

Wonderful location and great speaker. B Iris

The speaker was excellent. Great presentation with specific tips, presented in a interactive way. Marci R.

I loved the speaker and the activities we did today. I took so much from the session that I will apply in my job search this week! Caro P.

This was my first meetup and look forward to attending another! Diane

Well organized and productive. Celeste C.

Meetup #6 - 4/30/2009

This meeting was a Bloc 11 first! The focus of this meeting was recognizing what connections we have within our networks and helping other members utilize them. We played a networking game illustrating our own family and professional connections. Presenting these webs to the group was next, concluding with general networking.

Great experience and chance to connect with others from all different backgrounds so it really expanded my network! Cynthia B.

I really like the game we played, I felt more connected with everyone. Andy C.

Meetup #5 - 4/16/2009

Hollister Staffing Agency in downtown Boston sponsored this event which had 48 people in attendance.  Kip Hollister, founder and CEO of Hollister presented her take on market trends, including strategies that job seekers can utilize to position themselves in today’s turbulent job market.  The group then broke up into the five divisions Hollister employees for: Accounting & Finance, Creative & Marketing, Information Technology, Administrative and Human Resources.  Recruiters from each of these divisions helped members with resume critiquing and job advice.  Started at 3:30pm, lasted until 5:30pm.

Remarkable success. Stephanie really stepped up in identifying and executing on a way to actually find a new job rather than just talk about it. Thanks to Nancy and the Hollister folks as well. Todd R

Met great people and shared lots of helpful ideas, information and advice! Tara F

Very well-planned and useful! Victoria K

Stephanie did a great job in setting up this meeting with Hollister. The Hollister folks were very welcoming and friendly. I was able to make a few new connections with other attendees. Nicole N

The meeting was very attended and I met other job seekers in my field. The folks from Hollister were very engaging and interested in helping us find positions. And thanks to whoever bought the Dunkin Donuts coffee for the group too. I will recommend this group to others now as this was my first experience and I did find it worthwhile. Thanks again to Stephanie Cooper! Deborah S

Excellent choice of Hollister Staffing as the locale. Some good networking with PSC members as well as Hollister personnel. Ron P

Great event, Stephanie! It was great to get out, mingle, and share ideas with opportunities with the rest of the Pink Slip group. Looking forward to the next one! Alison S

The people from Hollister were really welcoming, attentive, helpful with general and individual concerns. It was, all-in-all a very productive Meetup! Denise R

Meetup #4 - 4/2/2009

In a brand new location, 38 people came out to The Other Side Cafe in Boston on Newbury Street.  After general annoucements, guest speaker Nancy McCabe from The Business Book Club.  A very informative lectures built around staying positive and tips for the unemployed community. Pictures for the website were taken.  Started at 4:00pm, ended around 5:30pm.

Good presentation by speakers, good attitude towards networking and making things happen. Erik N

Nancy was wonderful! Made us think about our futures and what we want to achieve. She also made the group very comfortable which is difficult when you enter a room knowing no one. Edel Q

Well planned, as always. There was a one hour presentation followed by a chance to network and socialize. Bravo, Stephanie! Peter M

This was both a fun and valuable experience since one of the biggest problems with being unemployed is the isolation it can engender. It was gratifying to speak to others who were in my situation and learn about how they were coping and what strategies they were using to find work. Several of the members had interesting leads for me as well. The speaker was simply terrific and her talk about how the seven successful habits in the Covey book can be integrated into a job search. Stephanie was terrific and has really done a service to those of us who are unemployed during these very challenging and worrisome economic times. Ann P

It was a very professionally run group meeting to network with other jobseekers in the Boston area. Michael M

Meetup #3 - 3/19/2009

Growing even more with 47 people in attendance!  Started the meeting with introductions, followed up with PSC announcements, two great speakers from the group presented their commentaries on the current market conditions and ended with general networking.  After the meeting was finished, all members were invited to a FREE BEER POWER HOUR at The Burren in Davis Square.  Started at 4pm, ended at 8pm.

Fun venue, sort of takes the pressure off the business side of the event. Patty W

It was nice to have the understanding and interaction with people. That is missing when you stop working at the traditional work place. Kathleen B

Stephanie did a great job. It was great that everyone got to introduce themselves and we had 2 speakers! Cathie R

Excellent time! Well organized with presenters giving some constructive ideas and there was the chance to network afterward. Also, meeting interesting and friendly people in the same situation provided reassurance and camaraderie. Peter M

Meetup #2 - 2/26/2009

About 25 people came to this second meeting.  A nice 250% increase in members!  General networking along with introductions.  Started at 4pm, ended at 6pm.

great to meet many interesting people. great way for networking. Mint

Great people at the meeting and fun to get together with. I’m glad there is this kind of support group! AnC

Meetup #1 - 2/12/2009

First meeting!  About 10 people came to this one.  General networking along with introductions.  Started at 4pm, ended at 5:30pm.

thank you stephanie. great idea.  Todd R

Nice variety of people and Stephanie was a personable fun organizer.  Rachel F

Stephanie was a great host. Everyone was very nice.  Alyson